We raise your IQ!

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is worthless without IQ (Information Quality). And the latter IQ is depending on DQ (Data Quality).
Therefor data is the raw material for business.
Many companies already are realising this and start with Data Quality improvement projects for ALL of the data but is this necessary…? NO!
We focus on DQ improvements that raise your IQ and help you to keep on doing this based on our true believes:

* Obsolete data is a waste of time & money

So we will first help you to get rid of this based upon our ready-to-go Obsolete Decision Trees for Consumer-, Vendor-, Customer-, Finance- and Product master data and on top of that we have reports to support this process.
On average we achieve to get rid of 60% of your data by means of this action.

* There’s never a good reason to have duplicate data

After we have removed all obsolete data, we will focus on duplicates. Excel alone won’t cut it, for de-duplication more sophisticated tools with fuzzy logic and phonetic algorithms are required.
For that reason we use the best of breed software to support this i.e. Trillium and have a partnership with IntoDQ.
Trillium can also standardize, harmonize and enrich your master records into so called golden-records stored at your single point of truth.
On average you can reduce an extra 10% of your data by this action.

* Clean data = Clean profit!

Next we will help you to improve the quality of the business critical data i.e.
data which cost money when incorrect or missing.

* Data Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

To monitor your data quality progress we have reports which contain KPI’s, business rules, data rules, data checks and even a link to a meta data system to support your data governance. The latter is important because
"You can’t turn data into information without information of that data".
As an example: What is the meaning of “IQ”? What is Information Sciences? What is Data Management?

Once we have cleansed your data, we like to hand over the processes and tools to keep it clean. Preferably to people who like to keep it clean... for whom it is a habit. Eventually you should be independent from us to have continuity. That’s why we do this together with you instead of on our own.

Who will help you?

Our information scientists are entrepreneurs themselves. They are very pragmatic and act as they have to pay for it themselves. That's why a.o. their sickness absence is very low.
They will be your bridge between the information requirements from business and data management of IT. This is the way it should be... business is driving and IT is supporting.

Over time our information scientists developed many data models, methods and tools that they will apply to improve the data quality and with that the information quality and on top of that... shorten the throughput and reduce the costs of your project.

Our method includes 4 phases where you can start i.e.:
Get Ready ©: Gives you answers on how good or bad your IQ is. Gives you directions for next steps.
Get Clean ©: Project based one time action to mass clean your data and install processes, tools and governance for future.
Stay Clean ©: Deployment of IQ- and DQ-improvement processes, -tools and -governance in a standing organisation.
Get Flexible ©: Implementation of workflow and central master data management.

We are also popular in migration projects!
You know... it's not just moving everything to another environment and clean it up afterwards (as they always promise).

Interested? Then contact us to Get Ready, Get Clean, Stay Clean and Get Flexible…
and remember…

If you think good data is expensive... try bad data !

Will we also be your bridge to success?